Synthetic Blue Topaz Bracelet with Zirconia

$ 280.00

Blue Topaz is said to soothe, heal, re-motivate, and bring the wearer strength, loyalty, beauty, protection, healing, weight loss, joy, generosity, abundance, wisdom, enlightenment, knowledge, good health, virtues of leadership, and love. Topaz is known as the “lover of gold,” as it is used to bring wealth and money. Topaz is a crystal of Truth and forgiving. It is a symbol of chastity, happiness, true friendship, and hope. Topaz healing abilities are connected to spiritual and physical rejuvenation. It releases tension and promotes feelings of joy and happiness.
This synthetic real blue topaz bracelet is handcrafted in 925 silver sterling and has been gold plated with rhodium to enhance the beauty of the gemstone.

Made in large size 17 cm.

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