Tiger Eye Locket Necklace Without Chain

$ 99.00

Tiger eye is a semi precious gem stone with lovely bands of yellow- golden color through it. This is a very powerful stone that helps one who wears it to release fear and anxiety. Also helps the owner to aid harmony and balance in its life. It stimulates one to take action and to make decisions with discernment and understanding and unclouded by one’s emotions. On top of it a Tiger eye has many healing properties too. The owner has more focused mind, it gives one the appetite for meditation and thus promote mental clarity. It repells negative energies from the one who is wearing it and in return attracts good luck. It’s recommended to be worn by people born in the month of June. This specific piece of Jewlry made with American zirconia is a perfect gift for any one seeking their inner self.

This pendant is without a chain.

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