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A sterling silver Green Agate pendant necklace is a great choice if you wish to have the balanced energies of Green Agate with you every day. The Aileen's collection of green agate pendants is an innovative and captivating piece of jewelry that will enhance the grace of any outfit.
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Origin of Green Agate

Green Agate is a translucent green stone, with a hardness of 6, in which circular movements can be distinguished. Green Agate should not be confused with moss agate or tree agate.

Agate is a variety of quartz formed by the crystallization of lava. It owes its name to a river in Sicily, the Achates, in which it was found in abundance. Agate is hidden all over the world: North and South America, Madagascar and China are places where we find important deposits. Nowadays, mining of Agate takes place mainly in Brazil in the Rio Grande Do Sul, in Uruguay and in the volcanic deposit of Mont Lyall in Quebec.

Green Agate is a stone that has accompanied civilizations since antiquity. It was particularly widely used by the Egyptians and the Romans who used it a lot to create jewellery (the ring and earrings in particular), and decorative objects.

More than an ornamental stone, the Green Agate is a stone with many virtues. Although we find Agates of all colours (blue, red, yellow agate …), the properties of the stone remain essentially the same. The colour, however, allows you to work on different chakras and resonates with particular astrological signs. Be careful, however, of the many artificially tinted agates. 

The benefits that we discuss in the rest of this article can be considered, in general, for all Agates. However, it is important to keep in mind that the colour green brings additional and different properties.

The symbolism of Green Agate in crystal healing

 Agate Verte is the stone of calm and luck. It is a soothing stone that harmonizes energy balance. Stone of Yin and Yang in all its splendour, it helps to stabilize the aura and energy of the physical body and to overcome the problems of energy blockages.

Thanks to its green colour, the stone resonates with the heart chakra, the centre of love. Thus, wearing a Green Agate is beneficial for the balance of your heart chakra, for the harmony of relationships with others, but also with yourself.

In Chinese astrology, always in connection with chakra n ° 4, Green Agate is a stone of love. It is supposed to promote the sentimental life of the wearer. In Western astrology, Green Agate is the stone related to the signs of Taurus and Aquarius.

Beyond the symbolism of the stone, let’s take a closer look at the virtues of Green Agate on the physical and psychological levels.

The physical benefits of Green Agate

 As a soothing stone, Green Agate has physical benefits going in this direction. It is a healing stone that helps to recover from illnesses and injuries. Installed in a sick room, it will bring calm and serenity conducive to healing.

It is on a daily basis that the green agate stone works for your good. Indeed, this stone of protection prevents small daily ailments by stimulating your immune system. By wearing a Green Agate, you can avoid fever, seasonal colds or various inflammations.

In addition, if the Agate stone protects you physically, it is above all because its main action is at the level of your psyche and your chakras. However, a balanced energy body is a healthy physical body!

Emotional and spiritual virtues of Green Agate

 1. Balance

Where Green Agate is most powerful is on the emotional and spiritual side. Indeed, this stone is that of Yin and Yang, of the balance between forces and energies. Thanks to Agate, you promote energy flows and you open yourself to the balance of your feelings and your emotions.

By fluidifying energies, the Agate stone frees you from deep fears and energy blockages. It calms your anxieties and you feel more ready to face the worries of life. Thanks to this stone, you can work on your negative emotions, you can understand them to let them go.

2. Honesty

Green Agate encourages more honesty with yourself, but also with others. This is also what it is about when we talk about liberation from blockages and fears.

  • If you run away from conflict, but feel like you can’t move forward
  • If you repeat toxic patterns
  • If you are afraid to express your deep feelings

You will tap into the energies of the Green Agate to find the strength to unblock these situations, to speak the truth, the bottom of your thought. In this, the stone improves self-confidence and self-esteem.

Little by little, you are shedding old patterns to orient yourself more and more towards your essential life path. Agate encourages new beginnings. It gives hope and brings luck.

3. Acceptance and serenity

If you are about to experience significant changes in your life and want to approach them with serenity, wear a Green Agate pendant. The energy of the stone will vibrate throughout the day and give you the optimism, emotional stability and foresight that you need.

As a stone of balance and appeasement, Green Agate is also the stone of contemplative energy. Contemplation happens when you accept your own emotional fluctuations, when you transcend your mind. When we are just in a state of pure consciousness. Green Agate helps you achieve this state of total calm, especially during meditation sessions.

4. Green Agate, stone of love

In this quest for balance, the Green Agate brings, in fact, a beneficial emotional flexibility for the fourth chakra: the heart chakra.

Base of love and feelings, the heart chakra is the one that is subject to the most fluctuations and daily demands. Chakra of Pure Love, it is often challenged by attachment. By wearing a Green Agate pendant or a talisman, the vibrations of the stone are closest to the heart chakra and therefore have a direct influence on it. It helps you to ignore resentments, resentment, jealousy or emotional dependence that prevents you from feeling Love in its most beautiful aspect.

Finally, the Green Agate by its colour and its nature is a stone of luck. It attracts abundance and brings prosperity. Moreover, in the Middle Ages, the peasants hung Agates on the horns of oxen so that the harvests were good.

For all these qualities, Green Agate is one of the most powerful stones that can help you on a daily basis.

Cleaning, purification and recharging of your Green Agate

Although stones still vibrate the same way (unlike us), they still need to be cleansed and purified. Indeed, in contact with our energies, they charge and lose their strength if they are too encumbered.

Thus, to promote the action of Green Agate on your physical and mental body, it will have to be cleaned of negative energies with salted distilled water or exposed to lunar light during a full moon, for example. To purify it, expose it to the rays of the sun. Exposing it once to the moon and once to the sun allows you to restore power to the yin yang energies of Green Agate.

If you want to be accompanied on a daily basis by the balanced energies of Green Agate, if you want to calm the torment of your feelings: we strongly advise you to choose a bracelet or a pendant in Green Agate.