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    • Yellow Topaz is a yellow-colored, semi-precious gemstone of the topaz mineral family. In Vedic astrology, it exists as the substitute for yellow sapphire and is worn to improve career, financial position, health, and marital relationship. Yellow Topaz is a stone to manifest your intentions, in alignment with Divine Will. It has strong metaphysical properties that instill faith that you can…
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Meaning of Yellow Topaz

According to Pliny the Elder, Topaz was named after the island of Topazus (now St. John’s Island) in the Red Sea. As it turned out later, the gemstones found were not green topaz, but green peridot (olivine), which has long been confused with topaz. 

Another explanation of the origin of the name goes back to the Sanskrit “tapas”, which translates as “shine” or “fire”. Topaz was already mentioned in the Bible and in the Revelation of John was considered the ninth of the twelve foundation stones of the Jerusalem city wall. In ancient times, topaz was associated with Jupiter and was a symbol of power for rulers. He should give them the wisdom for this office. Even Hildegard von Bingen described the healing effects of topaz for fever and heart and stomach problems. 

Ultimately, however, it cannot be clarified whether she was not referring to another yellow stone. Topaz can easily be confused with other gemstones due to its external appearance. In 1740, for example, a topaz that was mistaken for a diamond was incorporated into the Portuguese crown. 

The most spectacular topaz finds so far was in the Vogtland Schneckenstein, a rock in the Saxon Ore Mountains. 480 gold topaz were unearthed there, which were then incorporated into the English crown. August the Strong also obtained his topazes from this source. So-called gold topaz and madeirato topaz are available in stores. However, these are trade names of Citrine.

Effect topaz yellow

The yellow topaz increases self-confidence, gives a satisfied and happy emotional life and closer to self-realization. It lets you go through life independently and stimulates the development of your own abilities. He also brings an open-minded and sincere manner, which can also lead to more success and recognition. In addition, this healing stone ensures relaxation, loosens up and helps with nervousness, among other things.

Formation of topaz yellow

The topaz forms its own group of rocks. It mainly arises from metasomatosis of fluorine-containing gas on acidic igneous rock. Due to its resistance to weathering, it is also found in river sediments. The different colours are created by adding different minerals. The phosphorus it contains produces a golden colour, manganese a brown, iron a blue and red colour, and chromium a yellow colour. As an aluminium-silicon-fluorine compound, topaz belongs to the mineral class of silicates.


Occurrence of yellow topaz

Main countries


Other Countries

Afghanistan, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Burma, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA