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Stone accessories: is it suitable for any type of occasion?

Jewels are great alternatives to complement compositions and bring a touch of elegance to the look, and accessories with stones are elements capable of making all the difference in a look. However, as they are more striking than ordinary items, they need to be used correctly and at the right time. Only then will they achieve their goal successfully.

This post will give you some tips on when and how to use your accessory with stones, extracting the best from it to give luxury to your look. Check out!

Rings: one of the easiest stones to use

The rings are very versatile and will hardly match any composition you choose to make. The great care with this accessory is knowing how to measure the quantity used and their size. It is important to combine them with the clothes you are wearing, but be aware that this is not the only factor that requires attention. 

Rings made of precious or natural stones are usually a great choice for more refined occasions, such as wedding parties, graduation parties, or any other that requires a formal dress. However, metal rings, especially those with a rustic appearance, are good options for everyday life, in casual compositions.

Small rings

It is the most discreet style of the accessory and the easiest to combine. Light metal parts are the most recommended for this style. Because they are discreet, they are the easiest to combine.

Maxi Rings

Just one ring is enough to complement your look . The maxis often enough flashy and contain large stones. If you choose to use more than one accessory, use a maximum of two, one in each hand. Pay attention that they are of the same type of material and have stones of the same shade.

Necklaces: able to be the main highlight of the look

Stone necklaces are very powerful in building a beautiful look, and blouses usually take on a new life when accompanied by one of them. Whether for formal or more casual use, they always do their job properly. See some alternatives.

Fine and delicate

They are great to use at work and at more formal parties. Usually, they usually have small stones  or even just one. In addition, they are the best choice for party dresses and more elaborate and luxurious productions. To do this, simply combine the colors of the accessory with the clothes.

Earrings: immediate impact

Stone earrings, one of the most feminine accessories, are powerful and striking, and deserve extra care. For more informal occasions – and when you don’t want to go unnoticed -, use larger options with multiple stones. They are great for meetings and ballads.

Small, discreet earrings are also great for work or gala parties. Combining them correctly with the rest of the look, you will impress, even with a more discreet accessory.

Bracelets: hold your attention in your gestures

Bracelets are always in evidence, since we use our hands for everything, and this evidence will increase if the accessory has stones. When delicate, they are great for followers of the bracelet, a trend in which several types of accessories are used at once. In addition, they can be used with long sleeve shirts and blouses , as they are discreet and do not stay on top of clothing.

The bracelets, usually thicker, are great to give a more absolute highlight in the look. Choose them when you wear sleeveless clothes, especially on hot days, and be careful with the color of the stones, always trying to combine them with the rest of the look.

The right choice of accessories with stones will certainly bring the highlight and charm you were looking for for your look! Shall we continue talking about accessories? Then read our article on  the importance of choosing quality parts.

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