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Amethyst: What this stone represents and how to use it on a daily basis

Which woman is not enchanted by precious or semi-precious stones? It is difficult to resist the beauty and grandeur of these accessories.

All this fascination is explained because there is an aura of mystery and power that involves the use of stones, and this has happened since the most remote times in the history of mankind.

In today’s post, we’ll let you know what the amethyst represents, with tips for composing looks with stone. We selected some very interesting information, find out now!

Amethyst qualities

Amethyst is a type of quartz crystal made up of calcium, titanium, manganese, silica, iron dioxide and traces of chromium.


Amethyst has a slightly milky appearance, which does not compromise the intense shine and extreme beauty.


Its colors range from dark and deep violet to soft and almost transparent lilac.

Where it can be found

It is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, East Africa and Canada.

Meanings attributed to the stone

Amethyst has mystical meanings of protection, healing, channeling good energy and even purifying and detoxifying the body. This last attribute comes from ancient Greece, where amethyst was believed to have the power to cure drunkenness.

Types of accessories that use amethyst

Amethyst can be used in all types of accessories, from earrings and rings, to necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

They look beautiful in single stone rings, when they get all the prominence they deserve, but they also work very well alongside white zirconias .

The same principle applies to its use in single stone necklaces, the so-called solitary, or when they are accompanied by other stones, constituting a unique and sophisticated piece.

How to use amethyst on the most diverse occasions

Amethyst is very versatile and can accompany a modern and successful woman in the most varied situations.

Smaller and more discreet pieces work perfectly in everyday life, and can be used at any time.

The larger and more worked stones will make the woman elegant and sophisticated in the right measure for night events, such as weddings and parties.

In graduations, each course has an associated stone, and amethyst is the stone officially decreed for the courses in Literature, Education, Tourism, Geography, History, Social Sciences and Fashion Design.

How to combine amethyst with clothes and accessories

The color of the amethyst conveys calm, tranquility and well-being, and in order not to break the delicate and subtle vibration of the stone, it is worth investing in pastel colors like lilac, baby pink, light green and light blue.

But our suggestions are not a rule, and you can very well combine your amethysts with the black monochromatic look, to rock the look, or even with more intense tones – like a pink dress, for example.

A trend that is making success is the mix of various materials, so if your style is more modern, bet on the mix of accessories with stones of various types!

Now that you know what the amethyst represents and how to use it on a daily basis, continue reading and find out which stone of your sign and its meaning!

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