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Sublime, the Sterling Silver Amethyst Rings collection reveals itself as a precious treasure that you will not soon forget. Discover amethysts of all sizes, rings with floral and various patterns and chain rings of all styles.
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  • Synthetic Amethyst RingSynthetic Amethyst Ring Quick View
    • Synthetic Amethyst RingSynthetic Amethyst Ring Quick View
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    • Synthetic Amethyst Ring

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    • Amethyst is a precious gem stone consisting of a violet or purple variety. It absorbs and emits far- infrared radiation, which means that it is genuinely believed to be physically beneficial. If not controversial, amethyst when worn, eases pain, improve circulation and annihilating bacterial growth. This stone has been used since the ancient times for safety and protection. Such a…
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    • Amethyst with zirconiaAmethyst with zirconia Quick View
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    • Amethyst with zirconia

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    • According to online claims, amethysts are said to have several physical healing properties, including enhancing the immune system. improving endocrine function. improving the skin's appearance. promoting digestive health. reducing headaches. regulating hormones.
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Sublime, the Sterling Silver Amethyst Rings collection reveals itself as a precious treasure that you will not soon forget. Discover amethysts of all sizes, rings with floral and various patterns and chain rings of all styles. On many models, the violet colour of the amethyst harmoniously combines with the zirconia and causes a sublime contrast between the intense colour of the fine stone and the dazzling whiteness of the queen of precious stones. A large amethyst at the centre of a diamond trilogy is a unique and original engagement ring that will appeal to women passionate about exceptional jewellery and that will be sublimated associated with an amethyst pendant. For stone purists, there is no need to accompany your solitaire with a diamond: an amethyst set on a silver ring in the centre of a bezel or prong setting constitutes a marvellous perfectly refined ring. Slipped on the finger, the amethyst radiates its diaphanous luminosity on the phalanges and can even be worn as a wedding ring. For the more daring, we match our ring with a pair of amethyst earrings. From this translucent quartz emanates an aura full of mystery, almost magical. No wonder people say of this purple mineral that it is a purifying stone that protects against bad influences. The amethyst jewellery collection   is available in noble materials: 925 silver. A customization section allows you to design your amethyst jewellery same as you want.



Amethyst comes from the Latin amethystus, it has been known since antiquity, amethyst jewellery that the Egyptians wore at that time have been found.
The pharaohs wore amethyst pendants. Amethyst also adorns the ring of all bishops, which is the same colour as their outfit: purple.
This is why, the amethyst was named “the stone of the bishops”.
She was supposed to bring them clarity of mind.
Amethyst has also always been featured in British royal crown jewellery. It is a noble and elegant jewel.


The name Amethyst comes from the Greek: the private “a” precedes “methystos”, drunkenness, because it was supposed to protect against this scourge … This probably comes from a legend in Greek mythology which says that the incorrigible Dionysus, on a stroke of anger, decided to take revenge on the first human passing within his reach. The spell designated the young and innocent Amethyst… The god unleashed tigers on her, but Artemis intervened just in time to save the young girl, transforming her into his own statue of the purest quartz. The time for remorse came … Dionysus, with grief, dropped his cup of wine, which splashed the statue and tinted it purple …


Amethyst is a naturally occurring mineral occurring in the form of purple crystals of the trigonal-trapezoidal crystal class. Amethyst belongs to the Silicate family. This fine stone is a variety of quartz, the chemical formula is SiO2, so the composition of amethyst is silicon dioxide, its color is due to the presence of traces of iron. It is a rock of hardness 7 and density 2.65, with weak pleochroism and fluorescence. The crystal is crystal clear, from translucent to transparent, with a vitreous luster. Like all gemstones, the weight of an amethyst is measured in carats (unit ct, 1 carat = 0.20 g).


Amethysts show all shades from pale mauve almost pink to deep dark purples, passing through parma. But there are also rare green varieties of amethyst or minerals mixed with yellow citrine. Some are pure and intense in colour, while others sparkle with warm bursts of red, purple and blue. A crystal is often darker at the tip than at the base: some stones are cut in one of these gradient zones ranging from purple (amethyst) to white (rock crystal).


Of magmatic origin, amethysts are born from the crystallization of silica, they line centimetric geodes or sometimes several meters wide in basaltic rocks; or they fill hydrothermal veins in plutonic rocks like granite. If it is found in Europe, Russia and India, the main deposits of amethyst are in Brazil, the states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul, Uruguay, Zambia and Madagascar.


First advice: let your instinct speak. Amethyst can be mounted on all types of jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, amethyst pendants … Beyond the technical criteria, the most important thing is to feel seduced by the colour and the shine of this stone which speaks directly to the heart. However, it is good to know that the market value of amethyst varies depending on the quality of the gem (shine, transparency, absence of inclusions) and the intensity of its colour (the deeper the colour, the more l amethyst will have a high price). The setting method is also very important for the enhancement of the stone: A stone set with claws on an amethyst ring will be more luminous.


To highlight the incomparable brilliance of an amethyst and its unique nuances, nothing beats a clear and luminous metal, such as a jewel in silverwhite gold or platinum. There are nevertheless other possible associations: yellow gold and pink gold offer an original and fancy case to amethyst, while a marriage with black gold, rich in its deep and mysterious brilliance., evokes magic and spells …


Resistant, this stone benefits from a great longevity. However, do not avoid exposing it too much to strong light, and especially to very strong heat, otherwise it will change colour from 250 ° C. Indeed, the heating can be used in particular to produce citrines, stones of yellow quartz. To clean your amethyst, a little water with the addition of washing-up liquid will suffice, followed by rinsing with water and then possibly with alcohol, and finally careful drying.


Lithotherapy, the result of empirical methods combining experiments and observations, has been practiced since the earliest times. It associates healing properties with gems and minerals. In the case of amethyst, this science attributes to it effects related to the appeasement of nervousness, stress, and the dissipation of negative emotions such as anxiety or anger. Contact with this stone would promote nervous, intellectual and sentimental balance, thereby providing peaceful sleep and positive energy. In this context, it could provide assistance to schoolchildren and students. It also has benefits for addiction problems. It would open the mind to all that is a source of balance, openness to others and to new ideas, of interior pacification, which can be particularly useful both in family life and in decision-making. It would help get rid of nightmares. It would promote openness to the spiritual world, source of elevation of the soul. Buddhism associates it precisely with the seventh chakra, the one located at the top of the head.


Amethyst is traditionally offered for the 48th wedding anniversary.
Amethyst is the birthstone of children born in February, possibly due to an association with Bishop Saint Valentine who, like most of his peers, wore this stone on his pastoral ring.
In Western astrology, it is the stone of the sign’s Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces.
It is related to the planets Jupiter and Neptune and to the element Water. The amethyst geode symbolizes the Inner Temple.
In Chinese astrology, the gem is associated with the sign of the Dragon. This charismatic sign evokes power, intuition, stubbornness and a natural capacity for seduction. It is the sign of strong willed and lucky personalities, often in search of power.