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We offer a wide selection of blue topaz rings, both synthetic and natural. Browse and shop our selection of Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Rings.
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    • Blue Topaz is a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. It is a natural magnifier of psychic abilities, assisting those who wish to attune to inner guidance, as well as those who serve others through readings or spiritual healing. Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December, and the…
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Fine stones are used in jewellery to create colourful, original jewellery filled with symbols. They adorn pendants, bracelets, earrings, but also and especially rings. Among the stones often used is blue topaz, a gem appreciated for its transparency and soft azure colour. We offer a wide selection of blue topaz rings, both synthetic and natural. Browse and shop our selection of Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Rings.  All ring sizes are shown. You will therefore have no trouble finding the topaz ring that will fit your finger.

Topaz in legends, traditions and astrology

Like other minerals, topaz also has its place in the world of esotericism. The ancient Greeks believed in its ability to impart strength to their wearers. In India, it is said that a topaz worn close to the heart guarantees its owner beauty and intelligence and ensures increased longevity. During the rebirth, people wore topaz because they believed it was able to break spells and dispel rage. Sailors believed it could calm stormy oceans. Fortune tellers today recognize in topaz its ability to strengthen health, bring joy, recharge energy, ward off nightmares as well as prevent sleepwalking. It is a stone which counteracts all negative energies. It symbolizes love and it is an ideal stone for artists to whom it gives inspiration.

Topaz is affiliated with the sun and its element is fire. Along with citrine, this is the birthstone for November, but the blue topaz variety is associated with December and the 4th wedding anniversary. It shares an affinity with the astrological signs of Pisces and Scorpio, while its blue variety is suitable for Sagittarius and Aquarius. In the KLENOTA jewellery collection you will find topaz in all its shades of blue. Choose from our collection of rings, earrings and necklaces, as well as from our variety of bracelets in different designs.

Colours and varieties of topaz

Like some other gemstones, topaz comes in different colour varieties. It is an allochromatic gem, which means that it can also be colourless and any colour in it is caused by traces of different added metals, defects in the crystal structure, or inclusions.

Beautiful yellow crystals with a touch of orange are called Golden Topaz, and their yellow colour can be formed by defects in the crystal lattice.

If such a yellow crystal is pleochroic and also displays a red colour, it is called Imperial Topaz. This type of topaz is one of the most expensive and valuable around. Imperial topaz received its name in Russia in the 19th century and was named in honour of the Tsar. At that time, topaz was mined mainly in the Ural Mountains, and the possession of such a stone was a privilege reserved for the royal family.

In addition to the yellow color, imperfections in the crystal structure can also result in a brown colour. These topazes are called champagne and are one of the few natural brown stones. They can be easily confused with smoky quartz. The stones of brown-yellow colour are called Sherry Topaz.

Chromium gives topaz the colour pink, purple or red. If vanadium is present, the stones will be pink to purple in colour.

In addition to the colours already mentioned, topaz can also be naturally green or blue. A natural blue coloured topaz is an extremely rare stone. These pieces are truly unique and expensive. Their blue colour is due to the presence of iron or to the disruption of the crystal lattice by natural irradiation.

Despite all these beautiful colours, the colourless variety is nonetheless attractive and is not wasted. It is very often used as a raw material which is then processed in specialized laboratories to artificially create beautiful blue topazes that can be used in jewellery.

The different types of modified blue topaz found in jewellery: Sky Topaz, London and Swiss 

Even in ancient times, topaz was one of the most valuable and popular stones, but after the discovery of major mines in America its price dropped drastically. However, some varieties have remained rare and quite expensive. These are the natural varieties of blue, imperial, pink and honey yellow topaz.

Blue topaz is the best-selling variety of topaz and is artificially processed by irradiation and annealing. These treatments are universally accepted and make these beautiful, quality stones available to a large number of people. 

Light blue topaz is called Sky blue, topaz with light blue tones is called Swiss blue, and dark blue coloured gemstones are called London blue.

Why and how to choose your topaz jewellery

The undoubted advantage of topazes is that they contain very few visible inclusions. They are also a great choice if you really want a dark blue stone at a reasonable price. For example, a saturated aquamarine cost much more than a topaz of a similar size on the market.

The size of the gemstones always conforms to the shape of the starting (uncut) stone, so that the cut gemstone is as voluminous as possible. The same goes for topaz. Its crystals are often elongated, so gem cutters often choose an oval cut or a shape called the pear. In addition to these shapes, a jewellery store will also offer other more or less traditional cuts, such as the round cut or the cushion.

The blue topaz is at its peak beauty when combined with sterling silver and the diamonds. On the other hand, in combination with yellow gold, topaz seems to have a warmer colour.

Where is topaz mined

Rare imperial topaz is found in the alluvium of Ouro Prêto, Brazil. It has been mined there since 1760 and it is to this day the only known imperial topaz deposit in the world. Rare pink topaz is mined along with other varieties in Brazil and Pakistan. Blue stones are found in the Ural Mountains in the Murzinka region as well as in Siberia in the alluvium around the Urulga river and the surrounding area of ​​Nerchinsk. Brown topaz is also found there.

Other important sites are in Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Namibia, Afghanistan and Mongolia. Blue topaz is the state stone of Texas where there is also a small deposit which is however not used for commercial purposes.