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Information Regarding Yellow Topaz

Topaz is among the most traditional gemstones and the oldest used. Can it be found in many colours? yellow, pink, blue, colourless, red – but because yellow is the most valuable, many people think that this is always their colour.
The orange-yellow variety, commercially known as imperial topaz, is particularly important for Brazilians, as our country is the only one that produces it. It is extracted only in Minas Gerais and only in the municipality of Ouro Preto. It is, therefore, a gem of very restricted occurrence
Citrus, a variety of quartz that is similar in colour to imperial topaz but of lesser value, is often sold as this gemstone. It is estimated that 80% of the stones that are sold as topaz are actually citrus. This explains the large number of misleading trade names given to yellow quartz: Bohemian topaz, Salamanca topaz, Scottish topaz, Hinjosa topaz, Madagascar topaz, etc. In Brazil, the names Topaz Rio Grande, Topaz Bahia and Topaz Palmeira have already been widely used, the first of which at least was practically abandoned in Rio Grande do Sul, its main producer.
These names can mislead consumers doubly: first because they are citrus and not topaz; second, because many times the colour of this citrus was obtained artificially, by heat treatment with amethyst.
The yellow quartz obtained in this way is very popular and accounts for a good portion of the exports of gemstones from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. But this is not a fraud, as long as it is sold for what it is, ie, citrus, not topaz. But how to distinguish citrus from imperial topaz?
If they are raw gemstones, the distinction is not difficult, it is enough to check the hardness (greater in topaz), cleavage (absent in citrus) and morphology of the crystals, for example. But, if they are cut, it is much more difficult and it is necessary to resort to gemmological equipment that allows to determine properties such as refractive index and density (both higher in topaz).
Aquamarine and blue topaz can also be confused. But in this case topaz is the least valuable gemstone and misleading names such as Nerchinsk aquamarine (blue topaz) are rare.
Topaz is usually thought of as a transparent golden yellow. However, it can still be orange-yellow, red, honey, dark cherry, light green, blue and pink. The name Topaz is derived from the Greek word (Bllhar) and also applies to the word fire. The Imperial Topaz and the Roses are the most valuable.

Deposits: Topaz is found in Brazil, Nigeria and Sri Lanka

Care for your Topaz: It is recommended to remove the Topaz for activities that can wear, scratch or break the stone.

Properties: Protection, improves circulation, wards off anger, helps to regenerate tissues, represents energy. It intensifies and transforms the most subjective thoughts and feelings into concrete form. It rejuvenates the electrical body and aligns it with the physical body.